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Iowa Pet Adoptions is focused on providing quality care for our pets.  We provide medical care through local veterinarians.

Below are some common services our pets require.  Please give us an estimate of pricing, and we will contact you to discuss medical care for our pets.  We are willing to work with you to restrict our visits to certain days or times, pay cash at time of service, and other details to reduce your expenses and our costs.

When you provide service for our pets, you may meet both our volunteers and adopters.  This will introduce new pet patients to your practice.  Thank you!

Medical Care Cost Survey

Office Address
Spay / Neuter Cost
Cost of a Spay / Neuter, Including Blood Test and Pain Medication
Rabies Vaccine
Cost of Initial Rabies Vaccine for Adult
Heartworm Test - SNAP 4DX (Dogs) & SNAP Triple (Cats)
Cost of a Heartworm Test for Dogs and FeLV / FIV Test for Cats

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