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This is an overview how we operate, intended for volunteers and Temporary Home Providers.

Adoption Process

  1. Intake - We intake pets from a variety of sources: stray, owner surrender, and city pounds.
  2. Veterinary Care - Pets may be treated for medical conditions.
  3. Advertise - We advertise on: Pet Finder, Adopt A Pet, Dog Time, Cat Time, Craigslist, and affiliated sites.  We issue a newsletter and post pets on Facebook.  You may also advertise to friends and families.
  4. Applications - We have a completely online application, making the process convenient.  We also do not lose applications.
  5. Temporary Homes - Pets are housed in temporary homes.  When a person applies for a pet, the application is shared with temporary homes.
  6. Adoption - The pet is adopted to a new home.

Temporary Homes

We do not have a physical shelter, and all pets are housed in temporary homes.

You must keep us updated on the pet, including:

  • pet's personality
  • medications given to pet
  • meetings with potential adopters


Please give us updates at least weekly (must be logged in and a Temporary Home Provider to be able to access).  You can find the update center under the menu Your Account or Temp Home - Keep Us Updated

If you need supplies or have questions, or think the pet's page needs to be changed, the Update page is the place to do it.  We review the updates and respond.


It can take a month or more for a pet to be adopted.  Younger and smaller cats and dogs are generally adopted most quickly.



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