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The overall goal of Iowa Pet Adoptions is to promote responsible pet relationships.  We want to help pet owners take care of their pets, and reduce pet homelessness.

Check the Chip

A working, properly registered microchip is important if your pet is ever lost.  Unfortunately, the pet microchip is confusing.  It is not enough to simply have a chip implanted in your pet.  The microchip must also be working and properly registered.

At Check the Chip events, volunteers with Iowa Pet Adoptions will scan pets to make sure the chip can is working, and check the registration.  If the chip is not registered, Iowa Pet Adoptions can register the chip for $12.  We register chips through AKC CAR which offers free lifetime updates, and a $10 fee to transfer the chip information to a new pet owner.

If the setting is appropriate - indoor with enough space and volunteers - we may also be able to insert chips at these events, at a cost of $15 per pet.  This includes inserting a chip and registration in the AKC CAR database, with free lifetime updates for pet owner contact information.  AKC CAR charges $10 to change the ownership of a chip.

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