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Iowa Pet Adoptions is an animal welfare group formed in September, 2011.  We were organized in Des Moines.

We place pets without homes into temporary homes, until the pet is adopted.  We do not have a physical shelter.

This allows us to use all our resources on the care of pets.  It also means that we need public support to take care of pets, in their homes.

Our belief is that the majority of people like pets, and many want to help pets.  Our goal is to help regular people find their own way to help pets.  At the same time, we understand many homeless pets exist because they were failed by human owners.  We take the welfare of our pets seriously, and do ask for a basic vet reference and other information before we adopt out a pet.  Our application is brief but important.

Whether a first time pet owner or experienced pet parent, we hope you will consider working with us to help more pets find a new home.

If you are not looking to adopt or home a pet temporarily, there are other ways you can help.  Providing your time, or professional services - groomer, trainer, dog walker, veterinary - at free or reduced rates.  Because we are a new group, we are still working out our programs.  If you have an idea let us know!

Thank you!

How This Works

  1. Iowa Pet Adoptions (IPA) acquires a cat or dog
  2. IPA learns what it can about the health and behavior of the pet - a trip to the vet, time is spent with the pet
  3. A temporary home may take the pet
  4. The pet is adopted to his or her final home - hopefully permanent


  Iowa License

Phone: 515-999-5738

Fax: 888-436-0654

DMI Capital Investments Foundation Inc. dba Iowa Pet Adoptions

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